Where is the boundary between self-care & egotism in LGBTQIA+ relationships affected by mental health issues?

Through mirrors & reflections, Grey Area is a semi-autobiographical play that guides the audience around the memories of the characters unveiling unspoken, difficult truths about love & morality.

The play responds to two contemporary issues, homobitransphobia & ableism. A non-linear investigation of the complexities & nuances of relationships & the moral boundaries we set: highlighting the different dynamics in LGBTQIA+ relationships while exploring what makes love (and the suffering it causes) a universal experience.

How can a journey of queer love be completely redefined by pain and understanding?

By bringing its audience into a world of mirrors (designed by the winner of the Naomi Wilkinson Award for Stage Design 2019, Ioana Curelea), Grey Area throws away the typical chronological heteronormative narrative in favour of something fragmented, which encourages the audience to piece together the characters’ memories in their own way. Once the performance has concluded, we are left with mystery & the feeling of having experienced something satisfying yet uniquely intriguing.


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27/02 2023 7:00pm
King's Head Theatre 115 Upper Street Islington LONDON
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