Greg Foat / Ayo Salawu + Ocean Ivy


Greg Foat is one of the UK's leading jazz pianists, composers and music producers. Gregs worked with a diverse selection of musicians, including Bob Lind, Moses Boyd, Curtis Lundy, Questlove and Gigi Masin. In recent years hes recorded for Jazzman Records, Athens Of The North and Strut. Greg Foats latest album, a fusion of Analog Electronic Sci-Fi Library Grooves inspired by the 70s and 80s Sonoton catalogue. Ayo Salawu is the drummer for Kokoroko, Oscar Jerome and Julia Biel, Ayo Salawu describes his drumming style as a fusion of the various genres he was exposed to from growing up and performing in so many different parts of the world.


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24/07 2024 6:45pm
St Alkmunds Church St Alkmunds Square SHREWSBURY
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