Graham Costello's STRATA

Minimalist jazz, improv and groove sextet.
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Featuring some of Scotland’s finest young jazz musicians, Graham Costello’s STRATA bring the world of 20th-century minimalism together with the noisier influence of bands like Zu and The Thing to form a sound ranging from delicate and meditative to more unhinged and highly intense. The music explores polyrhythm, cyclic form, collective groove and, at it’s true core, improvisation.

With an ethic and approach grounded in his DIY music background, Graham and the band are known for their utterly mesmeric, energetic and engrossing live performance. Thanks to a sound which merges stylistic elements from the two worlds, the band regularly crop up in jazz bars and indie/alternative venues across the country, winning over audiences as they go with their accessible music and raw enthusiasm for playing as a group.

The Sextet are;

Harry Weir – tenor and baritone saxophone Liam Shortall – trombone Fergus McCreadie – piano Joe Willamson – guitar Angus Tikka – electric bass Graham Costello – drums and composition

'Groovy yet cerebral . . . such a hypnotic and compelling sound . . . intricate polyrhythms delivered with absolute precision.' BBC Scotland


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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