GoGo Penguin

Contemporary jazz meets electronica from the Manchester-based three-piece.


GoGo Penguin have been internationally hailed as electrifying live performers, innovative soundtrack composers, and as a collective who channel electronic and club culture atmospheres alongside minimalist, jazz and rock influences to create music that pulses and flows from the dancefloor to meditative inner-worlds, transporting us into brand new realms. They appear tonight performing music from their 2020 Blue Note Records release, the self-titled GoGo Penguin, together with new music and favourites from their luminous back catalogue.

2022 also marks the touring debut of the band's latest member, drummer Jon Scott, who brings his own uniquely propulsive style to the Manchester based trio's exhilarating music. GoGo Penguin are: Chris Illingworth, piano, Nick Blacka, bass & Jon Scott drums Plus Joe Reiser sound production


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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12/05 2024 7:00pm
Wylam Brewery Tap Palace of Arts Exhibition Park Claremont Road
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