Ghost Hunt/ Paranormal Investigation Whittington Castle Oswestry


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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14/09 2024 8:45pm
Whittington Castle Castle Street OSWESTRY
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The castle as it stands, today was developed in the 13th century. It is a moated castle, but in a town setting. The Castle is steeped in historical tales of warfare, treachery & death/. There are many myths and legends and reports of strange happenings.

These include a hooded figure seen under the gateway, a phantom blacksmith and the faces of ghostly children who are regularly seen peering out of an upstairs window. Even today, some staff members do not want to enter the guard room.

We have access to many rooms , including one with a well. This well has a glass cover and we can carry out scrying there. Books have been known to fly off shelves in this room