Gerry & Sewell


A Laurels Theatre, Eastlake Productions and Newcastle Theatre Royal co-production in association with Live Theatre

Two Lads. Two season tickets to Newcastle United Needed. No cash.

What could possibly go wrong?

Based on Jonathan Tulloch’s novel The Season Ticket, which became the cult Geordie film Purely Belter, Olivier award winning Jamie Eastlake’s adaptation hurtles its way down Grey Street after sell out runs at Laurel’s and Live Theatre.

Gerry and Sewell live in Gateshead. They’ve got nowt. But they are desperate for one thing. A season ticket to their beloved Toon. But after years of living in austerity and seeing their football club shelled out by a cockney bloke who sells sports tat, life is a struggle. Until they decide they’re getting those season tickets. And now they’ve got their mission, nowt is gonna stand in their way. Whey, apart from maybe a few radgie charvers, the social and the odd madcap scrap merchant.

Combining live music, puppet dogs and Wor Flags, Gerry & Sewell is a vibrant rainbow of black and white. For the Toon. And for anyone chasing a dream.


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03/10 2024 7:30pm
Theatre Royal 100 Grey Street NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
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