Gaslight, by Patrick Hamilton. A 'Victorian Thriller'. "In this house, I can tell everything by the light of the gas. You see that mantle there. Now it's burning full. But if an extra light went on in the kitchen, or someone lit it in the bedroom, then this one would sink down. It's the same all over the house." The powerful story of Bella Manningham, a young woman psychologically dominated by her husband, Jack Manningham. While Jack is out on the town each evening, his wife stays at home alone, believing she's losing her mind: she can't explain the disappearance of familiar objects, the mysterious footsteps overhead upstairs or the ghostly flickering of the living room gaslights. But then questions about her husband's behaviour and true identity are aroused following the unexpected arrival of a Police Detective.


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14/06 2024 7:45pm
The Harlequin Theatre Queen Street Northwich NORTHWICH
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