Gandeys Circus Glitterati Tour 2023


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Youth, Kids
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23/03 2023 4:30pm
Nobles Park St Ninians Road DOUGLAS
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Gandeys GLITTERATI tour 2023!

If ever a word summed up one of our spectacular shows it’s this one! GLITTERATI “fashionable people” “showbusiness” “glamour”.

Recession busting prices for a limited time only!

Our new show has this and more. 30 artistes!, new special effects! new productions! Even a new Big Top!

• Headlining from Cuba, the sensational Panther troupe with their incredible springboard skills. • The award winning Garcias toe hanging beneath their supersonic aerial rocket • High wire stars the Gerlings from Colombia. • Plus, of course, the motorcycles in the Thunderdome.

Stunning costumes and our Gandey dancers combine with lots of surprise features to make GLITTERATI an unmissable date in your 2023 calendar!