Futurejack St.Helens Indie Nights Glasstownbury

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Junction7promotions welcome one of the most exciting original bands in the Northwest 'FUTUREJACK' 'GLASSTOWNBURY' Nights are a series of Indie Nights we have plans for in the future for Bruno's, Futurejack being very special event due to being an all original band, FUTRUEJACK; Indie Music with a Twist drum driven punk folk rocking storytellers - Dark but Danceable, toe tappingly good, a pure original head bobbing 4 piece outfit! - Our identity is based on originality - we are unique! a really tight outfit & good viewing a very polished outfit! This Night works on a donation basis please give a generous donation at the door or select 1 0f 3 options to donate online here on skiddle Look out for more of 'GIVE A BAND A CHANCE' events for our 'GLASSTOWNBURY' Series Adventure Thank You For Your Support Junction7promotions jus mixing things up a little :)


Enjoy code: 681160
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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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