Fresh Voices: Get Stuffed, The Cold Within, Feud For Life


FRESH VOICES @gbtheatre is a celebration of new writing. From 13 to 15 April, we are premiering four one act plays and two monologues written by members of Guide Bridge Theatre’s WordsmithsINK writers’ group.

This performance features two one-act plays and one monologue. Join us for the first part of FRESH VOICES @gbtheatre on either Thur 13 or Sat 15.

GET STUFFED by Andrew Connolly Directed by John Cocks-Evans A Tale of Life, Love and Taxidermy. Taxidermist Ted's long-suffering assistant D'reen has organised evening classes to bring in much needed extra income. Will Rupert, Anne, Steve and David master the art of taxidermy? Why is Ted obsessed with his cellar? Will Ted reciprocate D'reen's feelings? Who is Oswald? A black comedy, not for the faint-hearted.

THE COLD WITHIN by Tony Tibbenham Directed by TBC The chilling monologue of a girl who is escaping from captivity.

FEUD FOR LIFE by Sophie Marie Directed by Sophie Marie Cecilia wants an abortion. Tim does not. In a future where they must agree or go through the courts, the unhappy couple find themselves in front of a judge and jury (the audience) to decide the fate of the foetus.

Buy tickets for two performance dates and save ££. Coming to see both performances on Saturday 15? Why not join us between the performances for a bite to eat (chilli con carne - meat or veg options) and an opportunity to meet with the creatives behind this project.


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14/04 2023 7:30pm
Guide Bridge Theatre Audenshaw Road MANCHESTER
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