Fresh Voices 2024

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Fresh Voices 2024

Fresh Voices is a celebration of new writing. Six short pieces written by members of the Guide Bridge Theatre WordsmithsINK group.

Put Some Butter On It By Michelle Lockwood Directed by Jane Martin & Dafs Cocks-Evans

If Sex Education had been written for the middle-aged by Victoria Wood… Join three friends on a girly night out as they laughingly reflect on their trials and tribulations and the big question – who has it worse, men or women?

23:17 By J A Lomas Directed by Sam Borowiak

When time is running out, what choice would you make? Awakening in a strange place to a strange face, Marcus is taken on a journey into darkness and desperation as he attempts to free himself from the clutches of his dire circumstances. Will he fall into shadow, or will he rise to meet the light?

Shelter By Stephen Burke Directed by Dafs Cocks-Evans

Three strangers in a storm, two compatible souls, one catalyst… Two are designers/engineers, both working separately on the same project and having the same problem. They are two perfect negatives who, together, combine to form the perfect positive. All that is needed is someone to point it out to them. A light-hearted, feel-good comedy.

Cherries for Eddie By TV McKarren Directed by John Cocks-Evans

Distrust, lies and deceit have consequences…for everyone. A hospital visit between Kate and her brother-in-law, Eddie, transforms from cordiality to a haunting exploration of buried secrets. Unravelling a web of deceit, this emotional rollercoaster delves into the shadows of their shared history, forcing them to confront the consequences of concealed truths.

Mountain Gorillas By Ashleigh Jones Directed by Simone Walsh

Don’t we have enough humans on our planet? Childfree Stephanie is going to a party and she knows the topic of having children will come up. Her fears are realised when it seems to be the only thing she is asked about, by everybody. They seem obsessed with her producing offspring, like she is in some breeding programme for endangered species.

Well Met By Moonlight by Paul Charlesworth Directed by Liam Mulvey

If The Bard gave couples therapy on midsummer’s night… A madcap and zany comic romp set in a present day wood, written in Shakespearean verse. A couple, bored with life as much as each other, are terrorised by a benevolently mischievous trickster character via a series of bewildering adventures of increasing absurdity.


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