Rifco Theatre Company bring you a contemporary musical, inspired by true stories of British women transported into the biggest film industry in the world.

From her council estate upbringing, Frankie is thrust into the dazzling Bollywood machine when she lands a role in a big budget movie. As she rises up the ladder, she discovers that the dreams Bollywood sells are a far cry from reality. Challenging misogyny and carving out a voice for women in the industry, she also has to reckon with the lengths she will go to for success.

About the show: Bollywood is an industry obsessed with beauty and romance in a country where most people are still denied the right to fall in love. Many British hopefuls discover why they are really there - for their beauty and their complexion alone. Behind the glitter and vibrancy, they’re alone and objectified, which is the reality behind many Bollywood dreams.


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15/05 2024 7:30pm
Home 2 Tony Wilson Place MANCHESTER
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