Forever Nu!


The UK's leading tributes to S.O.A.D. and Linkin Park - Chop Suey (feat members of Dragonforce & Breed 77) and Hybrid Theory will be co-headlining this amazing tour, bringing a no-holes-barred nu metal extravaganza, celebrating those classic songs of the early 00s that defined a generation.

Joining them will be Killswich UK, AudioRage playing two sets of Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine, and the world's first Post-Nu-Metal supergroup The Violent Inzident. Get ready for a crazy high-intensity show, complete with smoke, CO2 cannons and giant sparklers! Nostalgia never sounded this fresh, or rocked this hard m/

Forever NU! A new annual touring festival bringing you the best of 90's/00's Rock&Metal!


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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15/09 2024 2:00pm
Sin City Dillwyn Street SWANSEA
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