Folk & Bespoke Artisan Craft Market


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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01/06 2024 10:00am
Firstsite Lewis Gardens High Street COLCHESTER
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Not only is a handmade gift a little different, but they’re also of much higher quality. Plus, buying handmade means real love has gone into your purchase from an artist who adores what they do and feels passionate about each of their products.

So, for a shopping and gift experience like no other and a chance to connect and meet the creatives behind the designs, join us at Firstsite for an unforgettable experience.

Share the love and join over 40 creatives.

When you shop small, local or handmade, these small businesses are far more likely to use good-quality materials, have a focus on sustainability and renewability, and put love and care into each item.

Plus, shopping small often means shopping from a business with just one or two team members, meaning everyone’s paid fairly and your hard-earned money will end up in the right place.