Fleetwood Mac Songbook


Fleetwood Mac Songbook- The Ultimate Tribute.

Voted top 20 tributes by Champions UK

Earning rave reviews wherever they play and was ranked in the 'Top 20 Tribute Artists & Bands in the UK' by Champions UK plc, six-piece tribute band 'The Fleetwood Mac Songbook' are not to be missed.

The band perform a spell binding recreation of the stellar 'songbook' of 'Fleetwood Mac', drawing from over six decades of songs. Their set of course includes soft rock anthems from the 'Rumours' and 'Tango In The Night' albums but they don't forget founding member, Blues guitar legend Peter Green, and dedicate a portion of the show to a selection of his work.

Every detail is immaculate to ensure that the unmistakable 'Mac' sound is recreated faithfully - the exceptional three part harmonies are a standout as well as the band's guitarist using the famous Lindsey Buckingham Rick Turner model of guitar that gives the songs that final polish.

You will be assured of a night to remember in the company of these fine musicians for an unforgettable evening suitable for all ages


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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17/01 2025 7:30pm
Seckford Theatre Burkitt Road WOODBRIDGE
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