Fleetwood Mac Songbook


The Fleetwood Mac Songbook Voted top 20 tributes by Champions UK

Fleetwood Mac Songbook features six experienced musicians, who are dedicated to recreating the magical sounds of one of music’s most enduring groups – Fleetwood Mac! Touring across the UK since 2018, and earning rave reviews from Fleetwood Mac fans and venues wherever they appear, The Fleetwood Mac Songbook’s dynamic, hit packed show includes well loved songs from all eras of FM’s incredible six decade career.

This popular show is for all ages and they urge to get up and dance always proves to be irresistible! Songs include: Go Your Own Way, Little Lies, Dreams, The Chain, Don’t Stop, Everywhere, Rhiannon, Seven Wonders, Oh Well, Big Love … from the 60’s ‘Blues’ incarnation of the band with frontman, Peter Green, through to the 70’s massive, multi million selling ‘Rumours’ album and slick 80’s, hit single packed production, ‘Tango In The Night’.


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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12/10 2024 7:45pm
Playhouse Theatre 104 High Street WHITSTABLE
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