Finn Foxell is the name of a unique force within the UK's rap scene. This West London artist, rapper and all-around vibe-curator extracts the rawest elements of, rap, soul, rock and beyond, to create smoky, electronic, hip-hop leaning atmospherics. Foxell cites his father, a songwriter, and his mother, a diverse consumer of music as the catalysts to his current musical endeavours. Inspired by his surroundings and seeking an emotional outlet Foxell first began penning lyrics at the tender age of eight. Since, he has blossomed into a reputable artist who has garnered an impressive fanbase through a slew of hit releases over the years, including; Buddah, Ericsson, Bounce and last year's Talk Is Cheap EP - which housed eight ambient tracks that explored the shared microcosm's of this country's youth. It's safe to say that Foxell personifies the 'life imitates art' notion and captivates his audience through a truly refreshing approach that defies the norms of generic rap while simultaneously playing a part in pioneering an entire sonic movement alongside fellow Elevation Meditation members. The West London based artist has just dropped a seven-track EP called Alright Sunshine. Finn speaking with CLASH - “All the songs embody the playfulness of my late teens and early 20s, with my friends in London. Short, sweet, and simple." Having returned from his first festival run in 2021, Finn sold out his own headline show at Village Underground; gearing up for 2022.


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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20/10 2022 7:00pm
The Poetry Club 100 Eastvale Place GLASGOW
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