Festival Promenade Concert: The Cumnock Tryst


Our audiences love our “promenade” recitals at Dumfries House, where we present three different short recitals in three different but beautiful spaces in one of our favourite venues. The audience hears about 20 minutes of music, firstly in the Tapestry Room before moving on to the second space at the main entrance hall, before finally moving into the Great Steward’s Dining Room for the final mini-recital. It is a marvellous way of hearing a diverse range of music, played by some of our top performers while simultaneously experiencing this stunning 18th century house with its unrivalled collection of Chippendale furniture.

Due to the nature and experience of promenade performance, the audience will stand during part of the concert, however seating can be provided if necessary. Please inform the Box Office if any member of your party requires a seat. Seats will be placed at the sides of the performing space, and may result in a limited view.


Enjoy code: 485076
Target groups
Youth, Elderly, Adult