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When FEET self-released their debut album in 2019, the group offered up a particularly oblique title: Whats Inside Is More Than Just Ham. But once fans and casual listeners alike delved into the record, it didnt take long to realise that the band were offering something far meatier than wafer-slim slices of that eponymous sandwich filling. Instead, here was a record that saw them carving up thick slabs of guitar music that careered wildly between flavours of indie-pop, psych, and even subtle shades of new wave across an exciting and brilliantly unpredictable 35 minutes. Since then, FEET have been slowly readying themselves for a grand return. Prominent live shows have seen them supporting the likes of Inhaler and even The Rolling Stones at their huge 2022 Hyde Park shows. The first taste of the bands long awaited second album comes in the form of comeback single The Real Thing, which bounds along with spiky guitar lines, an endearingly wonky groove, and the razor-sharp pen of frontman George Haverson.


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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21/11 2024 7:30pm
Exeter Cavern 83-84 Queen Street EXETER
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