Fawsley NN11 3BA


Part of Fiori Musicali’s summer series 2024 - Elemental Music Fire, Water, Air and Earth

2024 is the 250th anniversary of Priestley’s discovery of oxygen – the breath of life on earth.

This significant anniversary inspires Fiori to create four programmes built around the ancient elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water, as we reflect on the vital necessity of sustaining our beautiful world.

the fruits of the Earth

Harvest time and the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ inspire Fiori to perform opulent music from Telemann’s ‘Tafelmusik’, while the contemplation of mother earth suggests a cornucopia of pieces built over a ‘ground’ bass, including Telemann’s haunting Paris quartet in E minor with its powerful concluding chaconne and excerpts from JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

Telemann - Paris Quartet in E minor E Jacquet de la Guerre - Sonata for oboe and violin in G minor Morel - Chaconne in G minor JS Bach - excerpts from Goldberg Variations Telemann - Tafelmusik in G major

Eva Caballero flute , Gail Hennessy oboe , Kerstin Linder Dewan violin , Poppy Walshaw cello , Penelope Rapson director/harpsichord This concert is supported by the Continuo Foundation.


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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13/09 2024 6:00pm
St Mary The Virgin DAVENTRY NN11 3BA
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