Fawn Ewes are a band hailing from Belfast blending blues, country, folk, and terrible on-stage craic and in-jokes to offer a refreshing, tongue-in-cheek perspective on Americana tinged roots music. Brought together by their mutual need to make money to afford food and shelter, the five met through their employment as bartenders in The American Bar, Sailortown. Members Paddy Godfrey, Joel Harkin, Neil Óg Martin, Turlough McDonald and Niall Carson cover many bases - from old school honky-tonk, reverb drenched indie folk and Irish traditional, to outlaw country and screaming blues. The unique blend of cello, pedal steel, harmonica, guitar, vocal harmonies and double bass offers a new perspective on classic songs and a refreshing yet familiar approach to original song-writing and arrangement. The band routinely rotate instruments and lead vocal duties with each member bringing their own style and ability, to offer diverse and entertaining live shows. “So we have to work the bar when they’re gigging? What a nightmare!” - Tomás Gorman, The American Bar.


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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03/08 2024 2:00pm
The American Bar 65--65A Dock Street BELFAST
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