Fantastic Negrito

Blues with a punk attitude from Xavier Dphrepaulezz who picked up the Best Contemporary Blues Album Grammy Award for debut album The Last Days of Oakland.


This man has blues running through his veins, and you hear him in action here. Fantastic Negrito is the incarnation of a musician who is reborn after going through a lot of awful shit. In fact, the name Fantastic Negrito represents his third rebirth, literally coming back from death this time. Songs born from a long hard life channeled through black roots music. Slide guitar, drums, piano. Urgent, desperate, edgy. Fantastic Negrito is the story of a man who struggled to 'make it', who 'got it', and who lost it all. For anyone who ever felt like it was over yet hoped it wasn't, this is your music; blues harnessed, forged in realness.


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Target groups
Adult, Elderly
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31/10 2024 7:00pm
The Blues Kitchen 13 Quay Street MANCHESTER
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