False Evidence w/ The Curvy Squares + The Half-Time Project

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Edinburgh post-punk group with roots in the Scottish and German scenes, False Evidence have quickly made a name for themselves with local audiences. Having already played venues such as King Tuts Wah Wah Hut and The Mash House, their debut headliner is sure to be something you dont want to miss. FFO Fontaines DC, The Cranberries and The Smashing Pumpkins. The Curvy Squares are a Scottish 4 piece alt-rock band based in Dundee with influences of blues, psychedelia, grunge and punk. Within their work they attempt to create music reminiscent of old school rock and roll with other elements thrown into the mix to keep it fresh and enjoyable. Pairing thoughtful songwriting with huge guitar riffs, killer lead guitar, catchy bass lines and cinematic drums they are able to showcase inspiration from all areas of their eclectic taste. The Half-Time Project are an Edinburgh based band oddly passionate about half-time breakdowns. Since their formation in 2022 they have played across the UK and America, with a set consisting of both originals and cover, often making their own creative changes to the songs they perform.


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