Extinction Of Mankind


Congress Of Antlered Ghost Children presents....

EXTINCTION OF MANKIND https://www.facebook.com/p/Extinction-of-Mankind-100050179793003/

COMMONER https://commoner666.bandcamp.com/

RED EYED CULT https://redeyedcult.bandcamp.com/album/unit-61

A Collision of Crust and Doom in the Black Heart of Camden, London. Crust Hardcore Legends EXTINCTION OF MANKIND venture down South for an onslaught of Hardcore noise to wake the dead under the Grey skies of London. Its been a while since EOM have played in the Smoke so this is a night truly not to be missed as EOM deliver their own brand of Anarcho Hardcore to eviscerate your earoles!

Joining them in the fray is Norwich/London based Doom Questers COMMONER, these guys wield riffs like a battleaxe and collect heads without mercy!! With their new album 'A Commoner's Quest" released this Spring, they'll be adding Heavy Doomcrust Warcries to this night of Unholy Sonic Slaughter!

Also on the Battlefield are Norfolks own Doomgroove Wizard 3-piece RED EYED CULT, this act have to be heard to be believed, Riffgrooves and Screams from darkest Norfolk and Riffs to blow yr fucking underwear onto the streets of Camden Town, for lovers of Doom, Crust, Heavy, Riffs, Hardcore, Punk!! This Gig has it all!!

Presented by Congress Of Antlered Ghost Children

This is an 18+ event


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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22/06 2024 7:00pm
The Black Heart 3 Greenland Place LONDON
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