Explore the history of Christmas in York


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30/11 2022 5:00pm
Exhibition Square Exhibition Square YORK
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The original York Christmas Tour - Returning for its fourth year - the most festive event of the year

We will take a magical Christmas tour through the historic streets of central York, voted the UK's most Festive City. Along the route I will take you on a unique journey through the history of Christmas in the city, helping you to understand how the traditions of Christmas evolved through history.

We will use beautiful locations in the ancient city as our backdrop, to tell the story of how an ancient mid winter festival developed into the Christmas we enjoy today. Bringing to life stories of how the Romans, and Vikings introduced their customs into our celebrations and we find the source and meaning of our traditions that make up Christmas and New Year.

The tour lasts 90 minutes through the street and alleyways of historic York and we finish our tour around the Christmas Tree in St Helen's Square.

A truly unique Christmas experience for all the family in the UK's best-loved city.