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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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"Documenting what I do in the kitchen can feel like the task of recording almost nothing. But it is the nothing that I am doing, and do almost every day, and have been doing everyday for over a decade. It is the nothing that has been part of almost every social interaction of my life as an adult and through which I have come to know almost all the people I love. It is the nothing through which I have been sustained and transformed." - Rebecca May Johnson

Word of Mouth (WOM) is an exhibition of new artworks and writing exploring our relationship to food, cooking and kitchens. With work spanning across print, writing, textile, collage, and paint, WOM offers a reflective and collaborative space to consider how much food and cooking inform and sustain us in our everyday lives.

WOM at the Scottish Storytelling Centre builds on small events hosted by Eleanor Mumford, Millie Player, and others in Edinburgh from 2021-2022, described as a ‘potluck of food/potluck of ideas.’ This is the latest iteration of WOM but not the last - the hope is that you may be inspired to host your own WOM in the future.