Encyclopaedia of Women – Galla


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Galla is inspired by her heroines, goddesses and fairies, muses and female images in the mythology of various cultures. Galla is a very multifaceted woman, her artistic career encompassing many different themes. We know her textile art, but also, she still designs and creates jewellery, likewise clothes, restores furniture, photographs, draws, and paints, even on walls. She is a very versatile artist. Her academic training was in Russia, since she is of Russian origin, although she currently lives in France. She graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Venetsianov, in interior decoration specialty. She likes to mix different techniques and to experiment with new challenges. Her creativity seems inexhaustible, and this is reflected in those works of art of such diverse fields. “I have always been fond of mythology in different cultures, and in my work, there are many pieces that touch on the topic of legends and myths.”