Elye Cuthbertson With Support From Tamise


Elye Cuthbertson is bringing a new sound to the folk scene with his unique approach to the melodeon. Elye has been immersing himself in English folk music for 10 years under the guidance of some of the finest teachers of the tradition. Combining this English folk experience with his passion for Balfolk and other traditions from throughout Europe, his compositions reflect his varied influences. Elye's skill and inventiveness has been demonstrated through performances around the country, including his own concert at London's Royal Albert Hall.

Tamise (Tamara Brunert, Saul Cuthbertson, Kitty Lewis, Barney Marshall, and Silas Clennell) is a new band on the folk scene from London and Oxford. They all play in the National Youth Folk Ensemble and play and write traditional and contemporary folk music with their unique set of instruments: fiddle, guitar, recorder, and cello.


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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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21/09 2024 kl 13:45
Green Note 106 Parkway LONDON
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