Elemental Pres: CALLUSH, Stan Christ & Will Lewis


For the next curated showcase of Elemental on Saturday 15th June we have invited a heavyweight line up to join us on the Middle Floor. Headlining the show will be Callush, joined by Stan Christ & Egg resident Will Lewis. ("Elemental" is not just a gathering of music enthusiasts, but a testament to the raw power of electronic music. The event seeks to celebrate the intrinsic connection between human emotion and sound waves, bringing together a diverse range of talents to create an unforgettable night of sonic exploration) The Berlin based DJ CALLUSH with polish roots is known for her rebellious and dynamic journeys. She's leading her sets by combining her dark and industrial selection with elements of Trance and EBM to create a unique ride to discover. The strong passion to techno evolved even stronger during her club experiences through Europe and is reflecting in her own music productions as well. A heart on fire and desire, which cant be tamed, gives her the further drive for the future.


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Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Adult
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15/06 2024 11:00pm
Egg 200 York Way LONDON
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