Elder Island

Three-piece Bristol-based band.


Carving out a genre-defying space for themselves in our musical landscape, Elder Island’s music cherry-picks and transforms elements from genres as diverse as electronica, house, pop and neo-soul. The result is a web of sound that threads poetic lyricism and unfamiliar instruments over a backdrop of electronic elements and synth-heavy dance beats.

Streams of over 350 Million evidence the group’s huge international fan base who are drawn to Elder Island’s ability to create catchy, dance-worthy tracks that incorporate their otherworldly uniqueness. Elder Island craft hits to thrill live-crowds, but do so with their own distinctive artistry, evolved from a myriad of creative influences and musical styles.


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Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Adult
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Available tickets

03/02 2023 7:00pm
Thekla East Mud Dock The Grove BRISTOL
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