Nerve Centre welcomes Eilidh Patterson to our series of homecoming shows from local artists this December. Internationally acclaimed folk artist Eilidh (pronounced EYElee) is a warm, engaging singer songwriter of startling clarity. With songs that cut straight to the heart, delightfully accurate guitar playing, and crystal clear vocals, Eilidh immediately connects with audiences everywhere. Since the release of her 5th studio album Safe Place in 2020, the Derry songwriter has been on a journey. Her travels have taken her to Valencia, Spain where she's currently based. In the midst of learning Spanish and teaching English, Eilidh has been working on new songs inspired by her time in Spain and is excited to share them for the first time with her local audience. "Her vocals wrap around you like a blanket in winter...she sounds better than ever.” Maverick Magazine "Eilidh shows a real talent for capturing a hook and melody to match her beautiful vocals and engaging words.” Lonesome Highway Tickets are on sale now


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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28/12 2022 8:00pm
Nerve Centre 7--8 Magazine Street DERRY/LONDONDERRY
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