Eight by Ella Hickson


A thought-provoking play, comprising eight monologues that explore the experiences of a generation shaped by a world where everything is deemed acceptable. Each monologue features a distinct character, from Danny, a vulnerable young man caring for a corpse, to Astrid, a drunk returning from a night out, and Buttons, a powerful ex-convict. The monologues explore diverse experiences and emotions, the characters ranging from teenagers to adults, each offering a unique perspective on life. Premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2008, the play is an honest portrayal of apathy and the search for hope, "Eight" garnered critical acclaim, winning awards such as the Fringe First and the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award. It has since enjoyed successful runs in New York and London, captivating audiences with its powerful storytelling.

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13/07 2024 7:30pm
Studio Theatre Stamford Road WEST BRIDGFORD
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