Effie Burns: Earthly Treasures


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Target groups
Youth, Adult, Elderly


Effie Burns is an artist who works in cast glass. She has always made small objects with exquisite levels of detail and is a collector of natural ephemera, unable to come home from a walk empty handed. See this exhibition displayed alongside historic gems and treasures in our museum at the Harley Foundation, Nottinghamshire.

For this exhibition, Effie was funded by venues in Scotland, Wales and England to explore the possibilities of using glass as a material for jewellery.

Effie visited ancient landscapes across the three countries and certain pieces are inspired by the ancient Sessile oak, which has acorns directly attached to the twigs at their base. As well as the 4000 year old standing stones in Caithness, which are thought to bring together the three realms of land, sea, and sky.

The trees and plants which feature in Effie’s work encapsulate the cycle of life and death, the passage of time, and suggest a sense of hope and renewal.