Edinburgh International Film Festival

The oldest continually running film festival in the world, the EIFF draws on its prestige to consistently present abundant programmes of new features, documentaries, retrospectives, shorts, panel...


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18/08 2024 1:00am
Summerhall 1 Summerhall EDINBURGH
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A revitalised Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) will run from August 15 to August 21, 2024.

Spanning 7 days, the relaunched EIFF will honour 70+ years of festival history, showcasing the very best talent in filmmaking in a re-energised format that is rooted in a local Scottish context whilst embracing the international diversity of creative expression.

EIFF is poised to accelerate the discovery of new talent through the inauguration of two major competitions, The Sean Connery Prize for Feature Filmmaking Excellence and the Best Short Film (title TBC), with significant prize-money awarded to the filmmakers.