Early Birds


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Food and drink
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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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24/09 2024 10:00am
Science Museum Exhibition Road South Kensington LONDON
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Early Birds is a sensory friendly event for families with members who need a quieter environment to enjoy the museum. Early Birds visitors will also have an opportunity to book tickets to lower capacity sessions in Wonderlab at a reduced rate.Early Birds Evening: Saturday 20 July 2024 Wonderlab and Power Up will be available to Early Birds Visitors for a reduced fee. Book tickets now Future dates Saturday 14 September, 8.00-11.00 Sign up to our Accessible newsletter to be the first to hear when new dates are announced and tickets are available. More about Early Birds This event is suitable for those who benefit from visiting the museum free from the hustle and bustle of the general public (for example, individuals with autism spectrum conditions or sensory processing differences). Taking place on selected Saturdays and Sundays across the year, we open the museum exclusively before or after hours, and wherever possible will have adjusted operations and/or lowered volume levels on exhibits. As well as exploring some of the galleries, you can enjoy a selection of fun workshops in a gallery space. There will also be quiet areas for those needing to take a break. More details on exactly what to expect on the day will be sent out in advance of each Early Birds event. The Early Birds accessible events are completely free and suitable for families with children aged 4–15. Siblings are welcome to attend, but all children and adults attending the event will need to book.