Duke Bluebeard's Castle


As Judith unlocks room after room in the castle of her new husband, Duke Bluebeard, we follow her deeper and deeper into the recesses of his troubled imagination.

Her descent takes us through a torture chamber, an armoury, a treasury and a garden, until we find a mysterious seventh chamber which holds her fate.

Bartoks opera is as taut and gripping as a thriller, but it resists easy categorisation. At once a study of an obsessive, violent man and an allegory of the battle of the sexes, Bluebeards Castle is a powerful story that incites thought as well as suspense.

Presented as a semi-staged concert performance by two internationally acclaimed performers in an hour of gripping psychodrama. This production is a two-hander, with award-winning Welsh soprano Natalya Romaniw singing Judith and Canadian baritone John Relyea, one of todays finest basses, as Bluebeard. It is conducted by Martyn Brabbins, ENOs Director of Music.


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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23/03 2024 7:30pm
London Coliseum St Martin's Lane Westminster LONDON
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