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Driven Serious Driven Serious have recently released their second album after over 11 years, performing as festival favourites and this time organising the sixth ever Folkish Explosion. They are an original folk rock band mainly based in the North East of England. Critically acclaimed with energy comparable to such bands as the Levellers and the Waterboys. Driven Serious - new album: "Look On These Works is an incredibly engaging listen, whether it's the monumental sounding strings that carry us through this adventure, or the war-like drums at the start of the title track, it's an impressive experience." - Narc Driven Seriousperformance: " I suppose you could file Driven Serious under the banner of folk-rock; but they are so much than that. They have a vibrancy that you can virtually see thrumming off them when they play, passionate and with the hand-brake well and truly off, and with a vibe that has had people likening them to The Levellers to The Pogues to The Smiths to The Wonderstuff" The Crack


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02/08 2024 7:30pm
Bannerman's 55 Niddry Street EDINBURGH
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