Dream State

Five-piece alt rock and post-hardcore unit.


Welsh post-hardcore band Dream State infuse elements of math-rock, punk, and metal into their music to add variety to an already urgent sound.

The group was formed in 2014 by vocalist CJ Gilpin, guitarists Aled Rhys Evans and Rhys Wilcox, drummer Jamie Lee, and bassist Danny Ryer. Their debut EP, Consequences, arrived the following year. They were picked up by Australian label UNFD in 2017, which went on to release their breakthrough single "White Lies."

The following year they released the Recovery EP, which alluded to Gilpin's former drug addiction, past trauma, and subsequent depression; the record was well-received, leading the band to win Best Newcomer at The Kerrang! Awards.

Dream State saw some slight lineup changes in 2019, with Ryer leaving to spend time with his family; this didn't stop them from moving forward, though, as they managed to release their debut full-length, Primrose Path, later the same year.


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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27/10 2024 7:00pm
The Hairy Dog 1 Beckett Street DERBY
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