Dr. Bonk’s Macarbaret


Scotland's silliest surgeon, Dr. Bonk, presents the Macarbaret: an evening of drag, burlesque, music, comedy, and medical mayhem, starring the not-so-good doctor and an all-sorts assortment of spooky performers! There'll be laughs and scares galore as anything goes in this madcap hour of madness!

Join the undead plague Doctor, Dr. Bonk, his unseen ghostly narrator, and his sinister selection of spine-chilling acts! Every night the mad Doctor unveils 4 new all different performers.

They'll make you laugh, cry, scream and laugh again, often all at once. Expect the unexpected, and come on in. The Doctor will see you now!

Content Warning: The show will contain light elements of audience interaction, and there will likely be sights of fake blood, fake dismemberment, fake firearms, violence, nudity, and dark themes discussing death and murder


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21/09 2024 kl 19:00
The Banshee Labyrinth 29--35 Niddry Street EDINBURGH
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