Dr Arnott's Sampling Sensation - Immersive Workshop & Guided Tour


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22/06 2024 10:30am
The Real Mary King's Close 2 Warriston's Close High Street EDINBURGH
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Interactive & Immersive Experience at The Real Mary King’s Close

Uncover the secrets of 17th-century medicine with a hands-on workshop led by an expert from his time: Dr Arnott. As the wealthiest resident of Mary King’s Close, Dr Arnott once owned not one but two properties on the street. His wealth outstripped even that of his popular and business-savvy neighbour, the local merchant and city burgess, Mary King…The question is, how did he make his fortune?

Well, “urine” for a pee-culiar treat!

Dr Arnott trained at the Royal College for Physicians and Surgeons, specialising in internal medicine. An apothecary with a flair for the nitty gritty, his favourite method of examining his patients’ health was to analyse their urine for its colour, smell and… TASTE!

Yes, Dr Arnott really did drink pee for a living. And now, so can YOU. Join our Sampling Sensation experience and become one of Dr Arnott’s medical students. ALL your senses will be required as you examine patients’ samples (following Dr Arnott’s personal method) and create your own, herbal remedy.

It’s an ex-PEE-rience not to be missed!

What’s included:

  • 1h guided tour
  • 30min Sampling Sensation workshop


  • Available on weekends.

Time: Tours run at 13.00, 14.00, 15.00 and 16.00

Price: From £29/adult and £22/child (5 to 15 years old)

No under 5s permitted.