Double Bill: Chatroom by Edna Walsh & Taken by Winsome Pinnock


Chatroom A chilling, blackly comic tale of manipulation, cyberbullying and adolescent insecurity. In a quiet corner of the internet, a group of bored, restless teenagers who never meet each other, spend their time deconstructing children's literature and the messages in modern pop music and even suicide. But when a new member joins to share his depression and thoughts of suicide, the conversation takes a darker turn and some of the teenagers their utmost to persuade him to carry out his threat.

Taken A young woman (and her baby) seeks shelter in Della’s council flat, claiming to have been the victim of a robbery. Suspicion about the woman’s motives grow as she introduces herself as the owners long-lost daughter. Della and her elderly mother are preparing for their weekly treat - watching Strictly. As the narrative unravels and turns, it touches on questions of belonging, memory, family, truth love and addiction - ending with an unsettling twist.


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31/01 2023 7:45pm
Brighton Little Theatre 9 Clarence Gardens BRIGHTON
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