Dongyang Gozupa stormed the K-Music Festival 2021, and were the first Korean band to break out of lockdown. Their wild mix of metal and gugak (traditional Korean sounds) makes a dark, dissonant sound that stirs in an anarchic sense of humour too. Combining powerful bass and drums with the yanggeum (hammer dulcimer), Dongyang Gozupa are hitting the road for Liverpool as part of K-Music Festival 2022.

'The past decade has seen a truly electrifying wave of artists using Korean folk and classical music to discover new directions in sound - think Jambinai and Black String - and Dongyang Gozupa can claim their place among them. The Korean group, whose name roughly translates as Eastern High Frequency, are turning the power trio on its head, using tropes of their national music to make genre-splicing sounds' Songlines


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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30/10 2022 8:00pm
Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Hope Street LIVERPOOL
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