Dom Joly's Holiday Snaps: Travel and Comedy In The Danger Zone

Dom Joly of Trigger Happy TV presents his travelogue, which spans his childhood home in Lebanon to North Korea, Chernobyl and Cambodia.


Dom Joly’s 'Holiday Snaps: Travel and Comedy In The Danger Zone' is a rip-roaring travelogue featuring stories from his childhood home in the Lebanon – where he went to school with Osama Bin Laden – to North Korea, Chernobyl and Cambodia.

The tour marks a period of intense activity for Joly, who will be the subject of a three-part prime time BBC TV show in Easter ’20, at the conclusion of the tour. That too will focus on unusual travel and his live shows will benefit from attendant press coverage.

Dom has remained enormously popular since his pioneering Channel 4 show, Trigger Happy TV, which was sold to 70 countries, while his three travel books have brought him to a wider, literate audience.

Dom’s tour also coincides with the impending paperback publication of his new book, The Hezbollah Hiking Club, in which a boozy, cricket-filled afternoon at Lord’s led Joly and two pals to hike across the Lebanon, from the Israeli border to the Syrian border.

The show will be a Dave Gorman-esque assemblage of clips, holiday snaps, funny stories and more – part comedy, part travelogue.


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28/10 2022 8:00pm
The Kings Hall Beacon Hill HERNE BAY
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