Documenting Scotland’s Historic Environment


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29/05 2024 10:00am
The Engine Shed Forthside Way STIRLING
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Building recording is an essential component of heritage management. The primary purpose of this is to establish an accurate record of a building as the starting point for key decisions around repair and maintenance. This accurate record, typically in 3D, allows evaluation or monitoring of a structure’s condition, establishing the need for interventions to repair, conserve, restore or maintain the fabric.

The three morning talks will introduce a range of 3D recording techniques, including survey methods and the latest innovations in digital documentation such as laser scanning and photogrammetry. We will explore the benefits of different techniques and the types of outputs these forms of 3D data capture produce, which can be used for conservation and maintenance projects.

A networking lunch will provide you with the opportunity to continue discussions and explore the Engine Shed. In the afternoon, one of the speakers will lead a hands-on demonstration of photogrammetry techniques for recording buildings. This will take place either inside or outside the Engine Shed, depending on weather.

You will: