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Discover Glasgow's West End - let this fun and informal walking tour help you explore the best of the West End.

About this event

Meeting Point - The Hidden Lane Main Entrance, 1103 Argyle Street, Finnieston, Glasgow, G3 8ND (next to G.G. Brothers liquor store and Greggs Bakery)

Why come on a tour?

We want you to discover the West End in a comfortable and fun environment. Let's face it, enjoyable experiences matter in life. With that in mind, at Discover West End, we want to showcase our knowledge and love of the West End of Glasgow and what it has to offer.

Our tours are very informal and laid back. We are so very upfront and honest about this from the outset. We don't claim to throw around mountains of knowledge, but as locals, we're excited to take you on an adventure in our beautiful historic nook.

Having a good time without too much of an information overload matters to us. And so, we offer an opportunity to explore an area of Glasgow that we're really passionate about and know well. We hope it will enhance your time here and create a lasting memory of this incredible part of the city.

What will we do?

We'll meet at The Hidden Lane, Main Entrance, 1103 Argyle Street, Finneston, Glasgow, G3 8ND. From there, there's no hard and fast itinerary, and we are open to suggestions and recommendations from our participants. But we aim to explore Finnieston, Kelvingrove Museum, Kelvingrove Park and Glasgow University. However, we will guide you and check out some of the major landmarks (entry to these buildings are free, but we're visiting the vicinity for photo ops etc. and not entering them on this tour.)

There will be plenty of photo opportunities, and we will share our knowledge of the area as we go. We'll hopefully have plenty of laughs and conversations on the way! We will finish our tour at the quaint and beautiful Hidden Lane outside our shop at Bonnie Wee Designs for 10% off everything in our independent store. We will also have a fun photo op of the groups for Insta here if you want a lasting memory of your experience.

Who will be taking the tour?

David McKelvie is General Manager and co-owner of Bonnie Wee Designs. David has extensive experience within Scotland's tourism, retail, and hospitality sectors.

Having spent many years working with VisitScotland in Glasgow and surrounding areas, David has in-depth knowledge and passion for the city, particularly the West End, where he has lived on and off for over a decade. Having spent time backpacking around various countries worldwide, David believes that gaining local knowledge and expertise through participating in a locally guided walking tour is a great way to enhance the traveller experience while meeting new like-minded people.

David currently lives in Argyll with his wife Di and their two young children. He has previously lived in Glasgow, the Isle of Skye and Glencoe. David has a massive passion for Scotland and promoting the culture, history and heritage of his place of birth.

"The aim for the tours is for the participants to have a really laid-back and meaningful experience while having a good time and hopefully meeting some interesting new people. Fun is definitely at the heart of it, and I don't want to offer anything too heavy going!" David McKelvie

What should I wear?

The weather can be pretty changeable in Glasgow, and often the rain isn't too far off. We would definitely recommend checking the weather forecast for the day and dressing appropriately. i.e. a waterproof jacket/umbrella if it's raining, light clothing and suntan lotion if it's hot and sunny. We would advise wearing comfortable shoes as we will be walking quite a bit although there will be places to rest along the way.

Are food and drink included?

Food and drink are not included:

Our tours are scheduled to start at 13:30, so there's plenty of time for people to eat beforehand. There are shops in Finnieston near the starting point should you be fancy a nibble or some snacks for the journey. We recommend bringing water or juice, particularly if it's a hot day. If you feel like you may get hungry, please pack a snack.

Are there toilet facilities on the route?

Yes, there are public toilets at Kelvingrove Museum, Kelvingrove Park and Glasgow University.

Anything Else?

As we have stressed throughout our description, this is an incredibly laid back, informal walking tour. There is some structure to the tour regarding what will be covered, but our main aim is for participants to have a good time in a relaxed environment. If you are looking for a tour that provides a structured format and lots of information and facts, this is definitely not that. So please bear that in mind. Otherwise, we look forward to exploring with you soon!

Discover West End

Safety Disclaimer:

No matter what activity in life there is always an element of risk and that includes walking with us. Before attending any of our walks you need to be reasonably fit and be prepared to be responsible for your own safety. Appropriate clothing and footwear should be worn. A bottle of water, an umbrella and an extra layer wouldn't go amiss.

Please check if there is any activity you are unable to do i.e. stairs and if they are part of the walk. Sometimes there is a flat option but sometimes there isn't. Duration is another factor to consider; most of our walks take 90mins to 2 hours. Are you comfortable walking and standing for that duration? If you have a concern then please contact us in advance.

We stick to footpaths and use pedestrian crossings where available.

If you have any pre-medical conditions, or injuries that may affect your walking, please let the organisers know before the start of the walk, and also if you feel unwell during a walk please let your guide know.

Bonnie Wee Designs accepts no responsibility or liability for loss or injury. You agree that you are participating in the guided walk at your own risk and that we shall not be liable under any circumstances for any matter arising out of your participation (other than for matters for which we are not legally able to exclude or limit liability).


We want as many people as possible to not only attend our walks but to enjoy them as well. If you have any accessibility questions or requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Important Booking Information

Tours will only run with a minimum of 4 participants. Should a tour be cancelled due to minimum participant requirements not being met, we will contact you 1 day before the event and issue a full refund.