Discover Rochesters Heritage - 2,000 years of history in less than a thousand yards!

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At the heart of some of the most important events which shaped the country, Rochester is one of the UKs historic gems.

Just 26 mins by HS1 from Stratford International, Rochester has a long, rich history, largely due to being a key strong point on the road from Dover to the capital for nearly 2,000 years. As a result, it has many, many stories to tell.. and some of them are rather surprising!

Find out about...

Why Rochester looks the way it does today... and the reason is very surprising!

What makes Rochesters Norman Castle Keep unique in Europe

A medieval method of justice... which has echoes in more recent times.

An astonishing bequest which still benefits local residents after over 400 years.

The secret of a local pub believed to have lain undiscovered for over 600 years

.. and, arguably, the most GRUESOME EXECUTION in the history of England... and the poor, unfortunate subject lived in a humble home right in the shadow of the Cathedral!

Plus a whole lot more!

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