Discover Degas & Miss La La


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29/02 2024 10:00am
The National Gallery Trafalgar Square LONDON
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Degas’s Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando takes centre stage in this exhibition that sheds light on this work with newly discovered information about the painting and its sitter. This radical Impressionist masterwork records an extraordinary moment and features a remarkable figure – the circus artist Miss La La, or Anna Albertine Olga Brown (1858‒1945). In 1879 Degas made the talented aerialist the subject of one of his most original and arresting paintings, capturing her in one of her most striking and perilous acts. Suspended from a rope held between her teeth, Miss La La spirals towards the circus tent ceiling. Featuring new material, from rare, previously untraced drawings of her by Degas, to entirely unpublished photographic portraits of Miss La La, the exhibition turns the spotlight on her, and on the painting, telling their story for the first time at the Gallery. This is the third in our series of ‘Discover’ exhibitions which explore lesser-known masterpieces in a new light. Other exhibitions in this series include Discover Manet & Eva Gonzalès and Discover Liotard & The Lavergne Family Breakfast.