Dip Into Pride at The Royal Liver Building


Enjoy code: 249861
Target groups
Youth, Adult, Elderly


This is your chance to see the Dip Into Pride Bath in one of the city's most iconic buildings. The rainbow tiled bath is the brainchild of curator and photographer Laura McCann, who wanted to include an interactive installation at an exhibition she was curating for Pride 2023. The idea was born out of wanting to show something that encouraged people to immerse themselves in the spirit of equality for all. Laura commissioned the talents of local mosaic artist Natasha Ellis, (aka @titsupartistliverpool) to create the artwork, which has since appeared at the world's largest LUSH store and more recently in the main entrance of the Museum of Liverpool. The bath will eventually be sold with all proceeds going to the Liverpool based charity, Sahir but in the lead up to Pride the bath will take pride of place in one of the most prestigious spaces in the city.