Diane's Deli


Diane’s Deli, from the award-winning writer/director of The Haunting of Blaine Manor, written & directed by Joe O’Byrne.

Today’s special…revenge

Sean Ginty is a café owner in Paradise Heights. A quiet and unassuming man who wears a watch that stopped over twenty five years ago. He’s a father figure to both his staff; literary student Jake, and Gabrielle, an artist and scarred survivor of a horrific fire that left her orphaned some years ago. It seems to be a quiet idyllic existence. But who is the mysterious Angel of The Heights, and more disturbingly – is something haunting the café?

DS Mackey, from the local police, is a burnt out and bitter man with an eye for opportunity and the other eye on Sean; he is more than curious about his past.

When a woman turns up in the café late one night, a chain of events is set in motion that will have devastating effects on all their lives…


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24/08 2024 7:30pm
Grand Theatre 33 Church Street BLACKPOOL
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