Edge of your seat twists and turns, gasps galore and a good balance of comedy, Ira Levin's Deathtrap has this in abundance and more. It captivates the audience from start to finish bringing them into the action. This thriller is almost a play within a play. It was even made into a film starring Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve. It tells the story of Sidney Bruhl, an award-winning playwrght with a string of successes on Broadway behind hin. His latest ideas have dried up but young budding playwright Clifford Anderson sends him his new thriller which is bound to be a smash hit. Sidney then plots with his wife, Myra, to commit the perfect murder and claim the work as his own or has he? Only Dutch psychic Helga Ten Dorp has the abiility to work out what is really going on and the real game of cat and mouse begins. Directed by Dawn Stubbs it stars Andrew Beighton as Sidney, Nathan Jones as Clifford, Rebecca Smith as Myra, Sally Williams as Helga and Ian Collinson as Porter Milgrim.


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04/02 2023 7:30pm
The Robin Hood Theatre Church Lane NEWARK
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